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This is the doctor I am use to having and more. Today we just talked about establishing a doctor. I wanted one who gave me more then 5 minutes. He is getting my records from the doctor and I am hoping since my diet has changed take me off one. He reminded me that I was the one to take credit in changing my diet and losing weight. I feel relief as he will probably see me once a year unless I am sick. The other doctor made me come in every three months with having blood work done before the visit. And he always found a reason that concerned him. I said i just moved here and I am heading to a nursing home. I highly reccommed him. You have to experience what I did to understand. I am so blessed to be a patient of his.


Great doctor! Not many will make house calls today but when my back went out he was willing to go out of his way to see me when I was in pain.


There's no way words can express what having a doctor like Dr. Starr means to one's health. No matter how busy his office is, one is treated as though the only patient there. My wife and I have had great care from Dr. Starr - dealing with the variety of issues that come with getting older. Dr. Starr is well-read and knowledgeable; yet when he isn't sure, he researches it and gets the information to you quickly. This man is a blessing, and in my life's experiences, is a doctor without peer.


"Dr. Starr and Julie Starr are so great! I’ve recommended their practice to all my friends, family, and coworkers. Now, we all can rest assured knowing we see a doctor who knows their stuff and really cares."


"Dr. Starr is kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I highly recommend working with him, and know that I will return again and again for all of my medical needs."


Dr. Starr is a wonderful Physician, always putting me at ease and answering all my questions. You truly couldn’t ask for a better physician to take care of you and your loved ones."

K. M.


What Patients Are Saying

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